Ricky and Ethan's: Before you List Tips-

  1. Find a Realtor! Have them do a Comparative Market Analysis to help with a list price, or you can pay to have it appraised by a certified appraiser to get true market value. Discuss a list price and commission fee. *Do not over price your home; you don’t want your property to sit on the market or worse, not appraise.

a. Fill out a Seller’s Disclosure Form and other listing forms for your Realtor. A copy of all documents you sign should be provided to you. Gather a copy of your deed and prior survey if you have one so the Realtor can put it in their file. *Consult a Real Estate Attorney, if needed.

  1. Do you have a mortgage on the property? If so, please call and find out your payoff. This will let you know how much proceeds you will have after you deduct payoff and other fees (ie. Your bottom line number)

  2. Model Home Ready? Declutter and clean your home. You want your house to look it’s absolute best for photos. *Great Pictures sell homes. Take down personal pictures and make it look as close to no one lives in the home as possible. You want Buyers to imagine their stuff there.

  3. Cut your grass and clean the outside of your home. Plant new flowers to give it great curb appeal. We want the inside and outside to match.

  4. Have a Home Inspection done and WDO inspection done. Yes, most Buyer’s will have this done also, but this would help being ahead of the game so you already know the major stuff that needs to be repaired prior to selling your home.

  5. Maintain your yard and the cleanliness of your home up until the day of closing. *It’s a maintenance requirement in a contract.

  6. For a more in depth list for Sellers; check out our website www.homegoproperties.com, under the Tab Sellers for more Info.

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